Potassium Carbonate

All our reagent grade products are highly purified.

Quality Control Based on ISO 9001:2015

Purified by Recrystallization

Water for dissolving raw materials is purified in our company.
This product has an organic matter close to zero infinite.

CAS Registry Number®: 584-08-7


Potassium Carbonate is white hygroscopic solid.
It is soluble in water (113.5g/ 100g water, 25℃).
It is insoluble in ethanol.
An aqueous solution shows quite a strong alkaline


-Production of optical glass
-Combustion catalyst
-Manufacture of various potassium salt
-Alkaline cleaner
-Analytical chemistry

Grade Specifications Physical State Particle Size(screen mesh) Assay Package
Guaranteed Reagent JIS K 8615 Granular 10 - 100 mesh 99.5% min. 20kg paper bag*
  • JIS:Japan Industrial Standards
  • paper bag* : 3ply kraft paper bag with a laminated film
         [film: PET(12 micrometers)/PE(15 micrometers)/AL(7 micrometers)/PE(15 micrometers)/LDPE(40 micrometers)]

Potassium Carbonate (Japanese)


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